Kent Gold 20-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

  • Rs. 2,795.00

  • Purification by hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane
  • Use of nano-silver carbon for better disinfection of water
  • Long life membrane expected to last upto 4000 Litre
  • Transparent tank made of unbreakable ABS food-grade plastic
  • High base stand enables easy positioning of glass to draw water
  • Ideal for entry level water purifier
  • Ideal for purification of water from most sources preferably low TDS water
About Kent

Kent is one of the most prominent brands of healthcare products in the world. Being the healthcare products manufacturing company, it holds its vision in making the world a healthy and happy place to live in. The firm incepted the term RO and brought the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to India. It has also introduced many technologically advanced healthcare products starting from Water Purifiers to Air Purifiers and from Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers to Water Softeners.

Kent has a wide range of water purifiers that are sold in India and across the world. Kent Gold gravity based water purifier is a preferred choice by all. The model comes with elegant design, innovative technology, and easy operations and aesthetically it became the best water purifier that is loved by all. It has excellent purification capacity and this ensures that you would be able to drink clean and pure water every time you want to.