SHARP-Air Purifier (FU-A28E)

  • Rs. 8,100.00

  • Combines ACTIVE & PASSIVE Purification System - much better than only Filtration Systems
  • ACTIVE Plasmacluster eliminates Smell, Toxic gases, VOC, Pathogens (mold, virus, dust mites, fungi etc - particles upto 0.01microns) from both AIR & SURFACE
  • PASSIVE HEPA System traps PM2.5 particles, Smoke, House Dust & Pollen. The Pre Filter traps heavy dust particles.
  • Plasmacluster Technology MIMICS NATURE. No artificial or harmful methods in the Purification process
  • Cleans 150 sq feet room for 5 times in one hour, No Harmful Ozone is released & Child Safe which is Certified by IEC, Japan

Product description

Sharp Air Purifier model FU-A28E-W is suitable for upto 200 sq ft area and is Certified by 28 Global Labs for Safety & Effectiveness. More than 7 crore users have reposed their trust in Sharp Air Purifier. It combines both ACTIVE & PASSIVE Purification for a holistic performance all through the year. Think beyond PM2.5, each season comes with variety of challenges, hence please buy an Air Purifier which can work even in other seasons.