Sharp FP-F40E-T 31-Watt Air Purifier

  • Rs. 19,000.00

  • Combines active and passive purification system much better than only filtration systems
  • Active plasma cluster eliminates smell, toxic gases, VOC, pathogens (mould, virus, dust mites, fungi etc. particles up to 0.01microns) from both air and surface
  • Passive HEPA system traps PM2.5 particles, smoke, house Dust and Pollen and the pre-filter traps heavy dust particles
  • Product and technology certified by 28 global labs for safety and effectiveness
  • Extra thick True HEPA for advanced Purification



Product description

Do pets, cigarettes and garbage from your surroundings lead to a lot of unpleasant odor in your house? Get rid of all this by installing this air purifier from Sharp. You can now welcome even unexpected guests without facing any embarrassment.

Plasmacluster Ion Generator With True HEPA And Active Carbon Filter
This air purifier is built with Sharp’s original Plasmacluster Ion Technology that keeps the air in the room pure by deactivating all viruses, bacteria and dust mite allergens. With the active carbon filter, it keeps the room free of unpleasant odors. The True HEPA technology in the air purifier traps all harmful pollutants so the air you breathe is safe and fresh.

Low Noise Levels
This air purifier has a maximum noise level of 49 dB and will not be a source of disturbance and irritation while switched on.

Automatic Operation
This air purifier has an auto restart function that starts the machine automatically after a power failure, preventing the need for you to walk up to the machine and get it started again. The air purifier also has an automatic shut-off feature that sets the purifier off according to the time you set. So, you can head out of the house after setting the time. This way, the device will purify the air in your house after you leave and automatically shut off after some time.