Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier With Humidification (KC-F30E-W) For Rooms Of Up To 226 Sq Ft In Size

  • Rs. 23,499.00

  • Plasmacluster technology reduces certain harmful germs & odours
  • HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of allergens
  • Humidity keeps skin and throat moisturised and healthy
  • With auto-restart & Haze mode (rapidly removes dust & delivers fresh healthy air)
  • Power consumption of 4.1 to 27 watts
  • HEPA Filter,Deodorizing Filter,Special Modes,Anti-Dust Mode,Automatic Humidity Mode...

Product description

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidification Function featuring 3X Triple Action - Ideal for (a) rooms where air conditioners are used and (b) locations that experience dry winters (North/Central/East India)





    Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are known for their effectiveness in eliminating & neutralizing a variety of indoor air pollutants and contaminants. The KC-F30E-W also helps in keeping the skin healthy.



    Sharp’s KC-F30E-W automatically restores humidity that the AC removes as it cools, but ensure that the resulting dry air doesn’t create stress for our respiratory systems. What’s more, desired levels of humidity in the room also keep our skins moist, toned, young and healthy.



    When it comes to clean & healthy air indoors . Sharp combines its unique ‘active’ Plasmacluster technology with ‘passive’ high-performance HEPA filtration to ensure that the air you and your family breathe is forest-fresh clean. 



    21 sqm Air Purifier with Humidifier

    Not all air purifiers are created equal. Sharp’s unique Plasmacluster Ion Technology (PCI) cleans the air by dispersing positive and negative ions – similar to the ones found in nature – to deactivate airborne threats such as viruses, allergens, bacteria, and microbes to keep the air inside your home safe and clean.

    In addition to keeping your home atmosphere safe from airborne threats, PCI Air Purifiers with Humidifying Function keep the moisture level in your home balanced so you won’t ever have to worry about dryness in the skin, eyes, and throat.

    Contemporary and sophisticated , Sharp KC-F30E-W 12 Watts Portable Room Air Purifier enhances your home interiors as it keeps the air 99.9 % pure, absorbing not only dust but also gases like ammonia and viruses, bacteria, pollen etc. Its low sound intensity makes it ideal for bedrooms and workplaces. It Comes with Plasmacluster technology which reduces certain harmful germs & odours.

    • Coverage Area: 21.36 Sq. meter (230 Sq. ft)
    • Filter Type: Humidifier
    • Power Consumption: 12 Watts
    • Air Flow Level : 240 cu.m/hr