Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier IG-GC2E-B for Cars, Vans & SUVs (Metallic Black) | 25 sq. ft. | Dual Purification - ACTIVE Plasmacluster Tech & PASSIVE FILTERS-True  HEPA+Carbon+Pre-Filter | Captures 99.97% of Impurities with highest grade H14 HEPA filter in E1822 type | Effective Against COVID-19

by Sharp
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Read the official press release for Sharp Air Purifiers reducing Airborne Novel Coronavirus
  • FAST DEODORIZATION - Removes mold odour from the vehicle's AC in addition to smoke and food smells

  • QUIET OPERATION - Barely audible even in electric & hybrid cars

  • 2 USB PORTS - Comes with a 2-port USB car adaptor to charge your smartphone at the same time

  • DOUBLE UP AS A PERSONAL AIR STERILISER - Doubles up as a personal air steriliser. Simply just plug it into your PC at home or at work.

  • For cars, vans and SUVs with coverage of 3.6 Cu. M. (127 Cu. Ft.)

  • 25 sq ft :Suitable for a Small room and Air Flow Level is 22 CMH



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