Sharp Healsio Super-Heated Steam Oven for Baking, Grilling, Heating, Roasting | Multi-Function Programs for Healthy & Nutritional Cooking in Homes, Hotels, Restaurants | 800 Watts | 31L Capacity | Red | AX-1600

by Sharp
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  • MULTI-FUNCTION PRODUCT – Our product offers a multi-function feature for your everyday use, party time or family gatherings. Be it roasting, grilling, heating, steaming or baking, this product will satisfy your taste buds. It will change your way of cooking in a most convenient and healthy way.

  • SUPERHEATED STEAM TECHNOLOGY - Sharp Healsio has a special and advanced technology i.e. Superheated Steam which works at 250˚C that transfers a huge amount of heat to the food with an air-tight door mechanism, which retain essential nutrients and deliciousness of food.

  • COOKING MODES - Healsio comes with four cooking modes like super-heated steam, steam, convection and microwave that works at different temperature and power. This Multifunctional water oven offers you and your family more kinds of delicious foods and you will discover how easy and enjoyable cooking can be with Healsio

  • EASY TO CLEAN - For cleaning the Healsio there is a button of the back and info that will provide different modes of cleaning so use those modes and save your time. The water oven takes up a small amount of space in your kitchen, so that you can cook your food with more convenience every day.

  • JAPANESE QUALITY PRODUCTS – Sharp have been known to provide only original products with its advanced Japanese technologies. We are committed to offering high quality products to the market and, we also contribute towards minimizing the environmental burden on nature.

  • MULTIFUNCTION WATER OVEN offering you and your family different kinds of delicious foods, you will discover how easy and enjoyable cooking can be with Healsio water oven., Superheated Steam transfers a hugh amount of heat to the food with a air-tight door mechanism, which retain essential nutrients and delicious taste of food., Cook delectable roasted and fried food quickly with less calories., Minimized loss of natural flovours, moisture, and nutrients in the heating process., Non sticky coating prevents odor build-up and oil from sticking to it interior., The steam clean function allows dirty build-up to be easily wiped off.

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